Genius Review

This kit is a great combination for two people. With four batteries, two chargers, and twenty flavor cartridges that you can pick four different flavors and nicotine strengths this will satisfy any couple. If you and you loved one are thinking of switching to e-cigs this is the kit to get. It does make it easier having a loved one for support I can tell you from personal experience. Everything that is in the V2 Standard Kit is in here doubled but the price didn’t double, now thats a deal.

If you use Our V2 Starter Kit Coupon you can get the Couples Kit for 15% OFF, Only $97.71.

The Couples Kit has been updated with the V2 Smart Charger. With a sophisticated internal chip, the Smart Charger has features to prevent overcharging and charges your battery twice as fast!

The V2 Couples Starter Kit includes:

  • 4 V2 batteries
  • 20 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 2 Wall Adapters
  • 2 Smart Chargers
  • 2 V2 Manuals

See our Genius V2 Kit Comparison Chart.

You can select up to 4 cartridge flavors to include in your V2 Couples Kit in your choice of strength.  Customers rave about V2 flavors and they have one that is sure to become your favorite. V2 popular flavors include: V2 Red (American Tobacco), Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), Congress (Refined Tobacco), V2 Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Green Tea Menthol, Grape, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and V2 Cola. See Flavor Review Page for more information.