Genius Review

V2 Pro Series 3 Personal Vaporizer is finally here. With unbelievable vapor, industry leading design and the versatility to amaze. Releasing the industry’s first all in one vaporizer for e-liquid, loose leaf, and wax/essential oils. This device is very well designed for ease of use, durability and comfort. There are three different cartridges that just slide in the top and click as they meet the magnet and attach. The Smart Magnet design automatically knows what cartridge you have put in and what temperature to use for optimum performance. Along with the magnet attaching power cord that pops on the bottom this device is a breeze to use and charge.IMG_2569-1024x411


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Ease of use

I have been using the V2 Pro Series 3 for a week now and was amazed when I first opened the package. It’s so easy to use and looks amazing. The cartridge for e-liquid is simple to fill with a screw off top and magnet attaching to the battery. With the all in one design is is very fashionable and fits perfect in your hand.



The button is flush with the body and the perfect size and feel that makes if easy to find by touch alone. There is an led light around the button and a ring around the bottom that lets you know when it is activated and the changing status with white, green, and red led lights. It very intuitive knowing what level charge you have and when you need to charge it again.


I have owned quite a few E-cig mod devices with large batteries and liquid cartridges. One of the things I have just come to accept and work around is the airflow/draw when you puff a drag on many mods you get too much air with your vapor. This is not an issue with V2 Pro Series 3 as what you get out when you puff is pure vapor, this is the closest experience to actual smoking I have experienced. On many of my mods you have to suck slower and for a longer time to get a good drag. This in not the case with the Series 3.  I get pure thick vapor every time I take a puff.  I usually look for devices with a long 14 sec cut off time because of these issues, but the Series 3 has a 10 sec cut off and I have never reached that long of a drag because the great vapor production blows me away.


With the Series 3 you have thick flavorful vapor each and every puff. Revolutionary!  I regularly use vanilla e-liquid and was surprised to taste the vapor on the series 3 with my regular juice tastes smoother and has more flavor than any other device I have. Not sure why the e-liquid cartridge tastes better than other ones but I am happy to experience it. I have had nothing but great tasting vapor from the V2 Pro Series 3 no burnt flavor at all.

Battery Life/Charging

I saved this one for last because this is the only thing I had a problem with. As I am used to a device with longer battery life (1200 mAh) so the Series 3 battery leaves a little to be desired for me.  I am an all day vaper and can go through almost two (1200 mAh) batteries in the course of a day.  The V2 Pro Series 3 has a 650 mAh battery that lasts me a heavy vaper 3-4 hours. But all is not lost, the fact that you can use is while it charges is a huge help and combined with the fact that it charges to full power in 20 mins, this has made the V2 Pro Series 3 Personal Vaporizer a no brainer. This is one of the industries best!


4/20/2015 Update: I have since tested the wax cartridge for the series 3 and I have a feeling this will be its main use. The battery leaves a bit to be desired on this unit but is perfect for wax. It really is ease to use and works great if you have tried and other wax setup you will know what I mean. Just unscrew the cartridge from the bottom and use provided wax poker tool to apply directly to the coils, this has been the most effective method. Then just rearrange between hits if need be, but be careful the cartridge itself will get hot to the touch.