1. More Ways To Extend The Life Of Your E Cig Batteries

    Whether you're looking for e cig coupon codes or e cig reviews, you've came to the right place! In our last blog, we looked at a few ways that you can extend the life of your e cig battery. Today we're back with a few more tips on making sure you get the most out of your e cig battery life! Don't store your battery if it has less than 50% battery life / charge. If you're going to store a battery f…Read More

  2. 3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your E-Cig Batteries

    If you can't tell by all of the e cig coupon codes we offer, we really love E-Cigarettes here at The Cult Of Genius. In the days of old, you had to replace batteries in electronics almost every other day! Not only can replacing batteries be expensive, but it's wasteful, too. While those days are long gone with lithium-ion batteries that hold charge for much longer - and even rechargeable ones - yo…Read More

  3. V2 Beginners Kit Review

    Genius Review This is the standard cheapest kit you can get from V2 with the essentials that you will need. The one battery, usb battery charger, 6 flavor cartridges, and even a disposable. You have the choice of the standard Red flavor or Menthol, which will be for both the cartridges and the disposible. On this kit you do not have the choice of nicotine strenghs. It will be 1.8% nicotine which i…Read More

  4. V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit Review

    Genius Review This kit is a great buy for many reasons. You will have many more options to choose from with this kit. You can customize how you want your batteries, what flavors you want you e-liquid to be, and what nicotine strength that you want. These choices let you really get what you want and feel like you got more for your money. This kit comes with everything that you will need to start…Read More

  5. V2 Standard Kit Review

    Genius Review The V2 Standard Kit is the perfect amount of product for the price. You get two batteries which will be needed to last a full day of vaping. You get two 5-packs of cartridges each that you can customize the flavor and the nicotine level of, and the batteries can be customized as well. For the batteries you can customize the color, length, and if you want it to be automatic or manual…Read More

  6. V2 Batteries Review

    Genius Review V2's batteries are great for convenience and size. They really keep the feel of smoking an actual cigarette. There are a couple differences in size and features with all of V2's  lines of batteries. First there is the Classic line that V2 has been offering for awhile that come in three different sizes shorty, standard, and long. The shorty is the smallest battery that V2 offers, bei…Read More

  7. V2 Standard Plus Kit Review

    Genius Review This is a great Starter Kit for beginners and for the experienced. This has everything that you would get with the Standard Kit but also gets you a portable charger for your batteries so you can go for a longer time away from power. You will get two batteries the size and color of your choice and automatic or manual. See Our Battery Review for more information. This Portable char…Read More

  8. V2 Couples Kit Review

    Genius Review This kit is a great combination for two people. With four batteries, two chargers, and twenty flavor cartridges that you can pick four different flavors and nicotine strengths this will satisfy any couple. If you and you loved one are thinking of switching to e-cigs this is the kit to get. It does make it easier having a loved one for support I can tell you from personal experience.…Read More

  9. V2 Pro Series 3 Personal Vaporizer Kit

    Genius Review V2 Pro Series 3 Personal Vaporizer is finally here. With unbelievable vapor, industry leading design and the versatility to amaze. Releasing the industry's first all in one vaporizer for e-liquid, loose leaf, and wax/essential oils. This device is very well designed for ease of use, durability and comfort. There are three different cartridges that just slide in the top and click as t…Read More

  10. V2 Pro Series 7 Review

    This was a big release for V2 a lot of expectations and hopes were riding on the larger size. With that larger size it has included many changes, in a positive direction for: battery life, cartridge size, and general vape usage. The design is still very sleek fits in the hand nicely and has that great smoked filled drag that people have know and love about the two Pro series 3. If you had a seriou…Read More