1. V2 Ex-Series Flavor Cartridges Review

    What V2 has done to the e-cig cartridge is nothing short of astonishing." V2's new Ex-Series of cartridges are a complete redesign from top to bottom. In testing of the Industries poly-filled cartridges, they found that the vapor produced was mostly pure but had very small traces of the actual poly-fill being heated and vaporized as well. They wanted to have pure vaporized e-liquid with no contami…Read More

  2. V2 Classic Flavor Cartridge Review

    Genius Review V2 has sold millions of its Classic flavor cartridges they are tried and true. They are the traditional design of poly-fill and a wick with a heating element to vaporize e-liquid that the whole industry uses. They are reliable and great for everyday vapor. Flavor Cartridges are the fuel for your V2 electronic cigarette. Each cartridge provides roughly the same number of puffs as a pa…Read More

  3. V2 Flavors Review

    Genius Review V2 has a wide verity of flavors to choose from for their cartridges and their e-liquid. I have found what I used to smoke now necessarily being what I enjoy the most vaping. I smoked Newport's a very strong menthol for years before I switched to vaping. I started vaping V2's menthol then switched to Sahara which has a sweeter flavor and now am loving vanilla everyday. You never know …Read More