Whether you’re a frequent reader of our e cig reviews or you’ve just stopped by looking for some e cig coupon codes, we’re glad you’re here. Today on The Cult Of Genius blog, we’re going to call out a few common misconceptions almost everyone has about vaping.

  1. Misconception: There are not enough studies done. How do we know it’s safe? Truth: Tons of studies have been done and they all demonstrate that these products are far less toxic that actually smoking cigarettes. In fact, they’re almost more effective than pharmaceutical smoking cessation products. Plus, they pose no “second-hand” risk to bystanders near you.
  2. Misconception: There are no health benefits to e-cigs / vaping. Truth: Actually, there are many health organizations that are starting to acknowledge the benefits! For example, the American Council on Science And Health, the Royal College of Physicians, the Action On Smoking And Health – just to name a few – are all calling electronic cigarettes safer, an alternative to smoking, and effective in helping people quit smoking.
  3. Misconception: Vaping and electronic cigarettes don’t help smokers quit. Truth: As the industry continues to grow and expand, even mainstream publications are forced to admit that there’s some evidence that shows electronic cigarettes may be effective in smoking cessation efforts.
  4. Misconception: Vaping and electronic cigarette smoke is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Truth: While you’ve probably heard that either the vapor produced by an e-cig is virtually harmless or worse than a forest fire, all of these statements are usually followed by, “but not enough studies have been completed.” In fact, this subject has been studied extensively and the jury is in: there’s no apparent risk to human health from electronic cigarette emissions.