Electronic cigarettes have been gaining steam in the last few years. While this can be attributed to a variety of different factors we believe that there are 4 main reasons why. So whether you are looking for something new or you are being pressured to quit smoking, e-cigarettes may be just what you are looking for.

One of the worst things about cigarettes is the smell, it’s rare that I even meet a smoker that enjoys the smell of cigarettes, much less anyone else. Electronic cigarettes don’t release smoke, rather they produce a vapor that quickly evaporates leaving nothing to stick to clothes, furniture, wallpaper, carpets, etc. Beyond the ability of the e-cig to not stick around, the flavors available are much more pleasant than traditional cigarettes.

Using a lighter to ignite a burning stick spells disaster, especially around flammable materials. E-cigarettes don’t use an open flame, and there is no ember to burn your surrounding friends, furniture, or self.

The price of cigarettes has increased drastically, costing a smoker roughly $5-7 per pack. This is mostly due to tax. E-cigs are not taxed like traditional tobacco products, keeping costs lower. While the initial cost of a starter kit can be higher, the daily and month to month cost is roughly half of what a cigarette smoker spends. With the increase in acceptance, the cost will continue to decline while the cost of cigarettes will continue to rise.

Unless you are a live fast die young sort of person, which rarely works the way you plan, health is important. E-cigarettes do not contain the tar or burnt plant matter that is being distributed into your body.

With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that so many people are switching to electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco products. If you are interested in switching E-cigarettes visit The Cult Of Genius for your chance to win a free electronic cigarette or other e-cig prizes.