It’s very easy for e-cigarette users to enjoy their e-cigs while still minding their manners and being conscious of others. While not too long ago, it was a rare sight to see someone using an e-cig, today it’s fairly commonplace to see fellow electronic cigarette users “lighting up” in both private and public places. However, it seems like the trend is a little ahead of the etiquette when it comes to when and where to vapor smoke. As your source for e cig coupon codes and reviews, we’ve also got some tips on how to practice good e-cig etiquette while still enjoying yourself.

  • Start with a little education if the people around you seem interested. Sometimes people don’t like something simply because they don’t understand it. Start by showing people how your device works, and explain how the e-cig contains nicotine infused liquid. Explain that when this liquid is heated, it produces a water vapor that only looks like smoke.
  • When educating and informing, always do so in a respectful and considerate way. A lot of people have strong opinions about smoking! Even though e-smoking is allowed most places, try to be respectful of other people when you use your device in public by keeping it to a minimum and avoid vaping in enclosed spaces.
  • Technically, unless a sign specifically says that there are no electronic cigarettes allowed, you’re free to smoke your e-cigs. However, the polite thing to do is ask those around you first if they mind it and check with the business owner if you’re in a public place to ensure that they don’t mind you using your e-cig.