A high-quality electronic cigarette can make all the difference when it comes to safely enjoying your vaping experience. V2 is one of the leading companies to offer high quality e-cigs that are made for the maximum enjoyment and safety of their users.

Recent incidents of exploding e-cigarettes have been showing up in news stories across the country, with vapers being victims of intense heat, fire, ear-damaging noise, pieces of flying shrapnel, and damaged property (aside from the e-cig unit itself). The lithium-ion batteries used in electronic cigarettes are the components that can potentially combust if they are of substandard production quality and/or are not handled properly.

The Cult Of Genius wants vapers to understand the dangers of an exploding e-cig, and encourages users to exercise caution when using their devices. The root cause of combustion and/or explosion in most documented cases stem from the overheating of an e-cigarette’s lithium-ion battery. This can happen when the battery is improperly charged. Vapers should always only use the charger that comes with their e-cig. Many batteries have overheated because they were plugged into a USB port on a computer, or a wall USB charger that was meant for another device. Improper power pairing can lead to an overheated battery, which in the worst cases has led to explosions, fire, injury, and property damage. Other cases of exploding batteries have been related to user modifications and inferior products.

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