A huge drawback of smoking cigarettes is the fact that you are severely limited in the places available for you to enjoy a nicotine fix. Public regulations are becoming more and more strict, allowing smoking in fewer and fewer establishments in cities across the country. Most states have guidelines for how far smokers must stand from a building. Beyond the legally-prescribed limitations placed on smokers, many are limited in other ways. Landlords may prohibit smoking in your apartment because of the lingering odors and damage that cigarettes can cause, while others may choose not to put their family or friends at risk by smoking at home. Because of the health risks associated with secondhand smoke, as well as the general messiness of the habit, smoking is slowly being pushed out of the public mainstream.

While e-cigarettes do have some limitations as to where or when they can be used, vapers are allowed much more freedom than their cigarette-smoking counterparts. Because nicotine in an e-cig is delivered to the user in vapor form, there is no combustion to create smoke that may cause damage to an indoor environment or present a danger to others nearby. Vapor from an electronic cigarette disperses rapidly, unlike the lingering smoke of a cigarette. While e-cigarette users should always observe proper consideration for those around them, there is no doubt that e-cig users are allowed more freedom in their choice of vaping location. Your home will not retain the lingering odor of stale smoke, and many more establishments permit the indoor use of vaping than they do smoking.

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