Every industry has its own distinct set of terms used by those involved, and the vaping community is no different. In this post, we will be discussing some of the terms used by those who vape in an attempt to keep you from needing to ask – what?

Analog – Like most things analog these days, this is a term used to discuss a product that is non-electronic. In this case, we would be talking about cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, or any other smoking apparatus. This is most commonly used when referring to a traditional cigarette.
EX: I don’t know many people who still use analog cigarettes, most people have switched over to vaping.  

Priming – A technique used to prepare an e-cig for optimal performance. With manual batteries, you press the button for a few seconds before taking a puff, while automatic batteries may require a couple short puffs before taking a long draw.
EX: You aren’t getting much vapor with your puffs. Have you tried priming?

Vaper’s Tongue – A temporary loss of taste that can occur after first moving to e-cigs. This experience is short lived and should be taken into account when deciding what flavors you will prefer to use, or with a trial of an e-cig.
EX: I thought I hated the blueberry flavor, but apparently it was just my vaper’s tongue.

Cloud Chaser – A type of vaper that enjoys emitting large plumes of vapor, taking pride in larger clouds. This can look cool, but must be done considerately to avoid giving vapers a bad rap, and potentially having restrictions placed on vapers. We have written articles on cloud chasing before.
EX: Is that a steam engine? No, it’s just a cloud chaser coming over the hill.

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