Most of us have seen someone puffing massive plumes of vapor as the take hits from their e-cigarette, and those who haven’t should take a second to perform a quick youtube search for cloud chasing. While the clouds created are impressive, regardless of whether or not you are a fan, there are those who are adamant about cloud chasing and those who oppose it. Today we will be discussing cloud chasing in hopes to shine some light on a debated subject.

How To Cloud Chase
While cloud chasing does take some serious lung capacity, the plumes created takes more than just deeply inhaling to produce larger clouds of vapor, rather it is also a culture built from the work of “modders”, who adjust their vaporizers to increase vapor production. While vape modding can be done safely, we do not recommend it due to the risks involved. it is important to do a lot of research, and fully understand the parts and potential consequences before doing your own mods.

While we fully endorse your freedom to do as you please, keep in mind that by disregarding etiquette you are most likely giving vapers a bad name and hurting the movement. We have written about vape etiquette in the past, but in short, don’t cloud chase in crowded areas. There is still a misunderstanding about vaping and we don’t want to have it banned.

Whether you are for cloud chasing, against it, or indifferent, it is important to realize what it is, and how it can affect the vaporizer movement. If you are looking for your next vaporizer or trying to buy your first one, visit Cult Of Genius for e-cig coupons, giveaways, reviews and more.