As electronic cigarettes gain popularity, the myths behind them are slowly dissolving away. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand the difference between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Perhaps it is because e-cigs emit large plumes or the fact that cigarette is in the name of our products, but the fact of the matter is, e-cigs and cigarettes have few similarities.

The Ingredients Are A Mystery
Many people claim that the ingredients in electronic cigarette liquid is unknown. While some unreputable companies do not readily display their ingredients, reputable companies such as V2 offer their ingredient list without hesitation. This is increasingly important as consumers become label conscious.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Expensive
While the initial startup cost of an electronic cigarette kit is more expensive than traditional cigarettes, the money saved month to month more than makes up for the upfront cost. This is because the liquid lasts so much longer. If you find that the initial cost is still out of reach, we offer monthly giveaways on a variety of e-cig products, including free electronic cigarette starter kits.

You Are Still Smoking
First of all no, not at all. E-cigarettes heat up the e-liquid to create a vapor that quickly dissipates, unlike smoke. This means that the little scent that is emitted quickly disappears leaving behind no evidence of its existence. While a 4-year-old may call the steam off of a boiling pot of water smoke, anyone with some experience under their belt knows the difference between smoke and vapor.

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