While e-cigarettes have become a mainstay as an alternative to traditional cigarettes many people try them uninformed, and in turn give up before they ever really start. Regardless of whether or not you have just received one of our free e-cig starter kits, there are things you should know if you plan to vape.

Fully Charged Battery

Ensuring that you have a fully charged battery is important not only for extended use but for efficiency and a powerful smoke. As batteries drain they are unable to provide the same power as a fully charged battery, leaving users wondering why they are not receiving the pulls they want.

Replace Cartridge

If you notice that the flavor coming from your e-cigarette has become weaker it may be time to change out your cartridge. To remedy this issue, simply remove the cartridge and replace it with a fresh cartridge.

Prime Your E-Cig

When you have a fresh cartridge and full battery in your e-cig, it is advised that you take a few quick puffs prior to an extended inhale. This starts up the vapor production allowing for thicker and more pleasurable vapor. Once primed you can continue taking long slow puffs.

Whether you are looking for your first e-cigarette, ready to quit analog cigarettes or are a long time e-cig user, it is important to maximize your vapor pleasure with proper use. The Cult Of Genius offers free electronic cigarette starter kits, and e-cig coupons. Simply visit our website and enter for your chance to win our monthly giveaway, including free e-cig starter kits.