Whether you recognized it or not, you’ve probably seen an e-cigarette or two while walking around town, at work, on campus, or just about any other place with a decent amount of people roaming around. But what is an e-cig and how does it work. Today we will be discussing just that.

e-cigarettes are electronic devices that may look like a regular cigarette or a crazy space pen depending on the e-cig you purchase. Regardless of their appearance, all e-cigarettes do the same thing; e-cigarettes turn liquid into vapor. The vapor is inhaled just like smoke from a traditional cigarette, except the chemical makeup and consequential effects are much different. We have written about the differences between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes in the past, but essentially they provide the feel and nicotine delivery of a regular cigarette without the harmful chemicals, odors, and staining.

The vapor is produced by an atomizer that quickly heats up the liquid inside of a cartridge to a slight boil. This boil creates vapor, much like a boiling pot of water. The atomizer is powered by a long cylindrical battery and its power is typically indicated by a light on the end of the e-cig that resembles an ember. As the vapor is created it is inhaled through the e-cig mouthpiece, just like a traditional cigarette. You can learn more about e-cig anatomy from our handy infographic.

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