Let’s face it: everybody has their vices. There are those who can’t make it to work without a cup of coffee or other caffeine-infused beverage. Others use alcohol to relax after their work day or as a way to “loosen up” socially. While the use of caffeine and alcohol can be problematic when used in excessive quantities, they have nevertheless gained wide social acceptance. Smokers, on the other hand, have long been derided for their dependence on nicotine. With the advent of electronic cigarettes, however, the stigma attached to nicotine is beginning to wear off.

Much of nicotine’s public shunning is owed to the unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals that accompany the drug in a traditional cigarette. The user gets a nicotine infusion with every cigarette, but hundreds of other chemicals come with it. What’s more, the smoke needed for combustion creates offensive odors and unhealthy conditions for those who share space with a smoker. Electronic cigarettes sidestep these problems by delivering only the nicotine and possibly some flavoring, in a harmless vapor mist that does not linger. This has already begun to turn the tide in favor of nicotine becoming a more socially acceptable vice to indulge in, putting it on par with caffeine and alcohol. All of these require personal judgement to keep one’s vice in check, but can also be enjoyed without problems when used responsibly.

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