It’s common for the diseases associated with smoking cigarettes to be pushed upon us. While we take disease seriously, it is also notable that cigarettes have detrimental effects on your body visually. While some people think smoking analog looks cool now, you won’t look all that hot after years of contact with smoke and residue take their toll on your body. Below are a few ways that cigarettes affect you visually.

While smoking is not going to cause your skin to wrinkle tomorrow, the chemicals within cigarette smoke do alter the structure of your skin, causing premature aging and early wrinkles. Beyond early aging, cigarettes also affect the rate at which your skin heals, causing infections, ulcers, and tissue death to occur.

Cigarettes emit tar that passes through your mouth staining your teeth while simply holding a cigarette causes yellowing of your fingers and fingernails. Discoloration isn’t the only oral issue, as cigarettes are also known to cause gum recession and mouth sores.

It is rare that we meet anyone who actually enjoys the smell of cigarette smoke, and this smell does not only come into contact with those around you while smoking, it has a tendency to linger for much longer. The smell of cigarette sticks to your clothes, hair, furniture, and automotive upholstery. This smell turns many people off to the idea of being around you.

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