Electronic cigarettes are like most things in your life, the more you care for them, the longer they will last. By cleaning your e-cigarette, you can be sure that it will continue to efficiently create vapor, meaning that your battery and your juice will last longer. The other issue with a dirty e-cig is that the liquid will begin seeping through your battery holes, effectively destroying your battery. All of this adds up and can become expensive, but remember with a bit of simple cleaning your electronic cigarette can last a long and happy life. So, how do you clean your electronic cigarette? and what do you need?

To clean your electronic cigarette in the following manner we recommend having a few rags or paper towels…and that’s it!

Break It Down
Disassemble your electronic cigarette by taking it completely apart. Remove the cartridge, atomizer, battery, mouthpiece, etc. Lay each piece out on one of your rags or paper towels.

Clean the battery
Take the battery out and clean the battery terminals with a paper towel or rag, if this doesn’t seem to reach you can use a cotton swab.

Charge Your Battery
Once you have your e-cig disassembled be sure to charge the battery.

Wipe It Down
Press a rag against the end of your atomizer. Once you think you have soaked up the juice, blow through the drip tip, if you have one, forcing the excess juice into the towel. You want to try to soak up all of the e-juice left in the different parts of the e-cigarette.

Put It Together
Once you feel that you have removed all of the juice and excess grime, unplug your battery and put the e-cigarette back together.

Take A Pull
Enjoy the fruits, or other flavors, of your labor. Take a big puff and enjoy the fresh and efficient pulls.

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