One of people’s favorite things about electronic cigarettes is that they are relatively low maintenance if not maintenance free. All you have to do is prepare your v2 or other electronic cigarette device for the day’s use and recharge your battery when you need to. So simple! At The Cult Of Genius, we’re your one-stop-shop for e cig coupon codes and reviews, but we also want to be a source of education for those just getting into e-cigs.

Today we’ve got a few troubleshooting tips for extending the life of your favorite e-cigs and vaping devices that can help save you time and money. Let’s look at your device piece by piece.

The Cartridge: Most models today are two pieces: the battery and the cartridge. Within your cartridge, you’ve got a built-in atomizer and the actual cartridge which holds the e-liquid and delivers it to you through the mouthpiece. This part of the device usually requires little to no maintenance.

The Batteries: While the cartridges don’t require much maintenance, the batteries can be reused so they require a bit more care if you want to get more out of your e-cig. Much like reusable cartridges, dirt and residue can accumulate where the battery meets the cartridge, so cleaning it with a damp cotton swab every week or so can improve the connection between the e-cigarette’s two parts and increase the device’s performance. Depending on when and where you’re using your e-cig, it can get pretty dirty with grime. If dirt and grime gets to be difficult to remove, try using tweezers or a toothpick to scrape it all out of the crevasses of the device.