1. 3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your E-Cig Batteries

    If you can't tell by all of the e cig coupon codes we offer, we really love E-Cigarettes here at The Cult Of Genius. In the days of old, you had to replace batteries in electronics almost every other day! Not only can replacing batteries be expensive, but it's wasteful, too. While those days are long gone with lithium-ion batteries that hold charge for much longer - and even rechargeable ones - yo…Read More

  2. V2 set to release New Innovative Pro Vaporizer line.

    This Changes Everything How can something be so DIFFERENT and yet so FAMILIAR? Introducing the revolutionary V2 ProTM vaporizer line. With a design that’s all magnetic CLICKS and SNAPS And drop-in cartridges that let you VAPORIZE e-liquid, tobacco or nicotine wax A three-in-one design means it WORKS hard While making it look EASY And delivering SATISFACTION without compromise All V…Read More