1. Don’t Believe These E-Cig Misconceptions

    Whether you're a frequent reader of our e cig reviews or you've just stopped by looking for some e cig coupon codes, we're glad you're here. Today on The Cult Of Genius blog, we're going to call out a few common misconceptions almost everyone has about vaping. Misconception: There are not enough studies done. How do we know it's safe? Truth: Tons of studies have been done and they all demonstrate …Read More

  2. New FDA E-cigarette Regulations: Killing an Industry, Killing Smokers

    The adoption of the proposed FDA regulations will diminish consumer option. Fewer people will quit smoking thus leading to an increase in smoking related deaths. Finally, the FDA has rolled out the much anticipated regulatory plans. The proposed regulations which are targeted at e-cigs (electronic cigarettes) may take years to be fully implemented. The adoption of the proposed FDA regulations will…Read More

  3. Will FDA Regulations Preserve or Destroy the E-cig Industry?

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to seek regulation of electronic cigarettes, and its legal argument for doing so contains a bizarre twist. Contrasting with its approach to regulating other nicotine-based smoking cessation tools, including patches and gum, as pharmaceuticals, the FDA is intent on treating e-cigs as "tobacco products". On the surface, this would appear to render any…Read More