1. V2 Speaks Out Against Exploding E-Cigs

    The recent increase in exploding battery units in some electronic cigarettes has gotten a lot of media attention, and many are wondering if they need to be worried about their own vaping products. To set the record straight, Dan Recio, co-founder of the V2 e-cig company, has spoken out about these incidents. It turns out that almost all occurrences of exploding e-cig batteries have stemmed from in…Read More

  2. Enjoy A Tar-Free Life When You Vape

    Mitch was never one to worry about the damage he was doing to his body by smoking cigarettes, but that all changed one summer. Mitch was a teacher, so he had some extra time in July. Partly out of boredom and partly to satisfy the desire for some extra spending cash, he decided to do some odd jobs at the bar across the street. It was there that he finally came to realize what smoking was doing to …Read More

  3. Save Big on E-Cigs at the Cult of Genius

    If you’ve landed on The Cult Of Genius, chances are you’ve made the decision to switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaporizing with e-cigs. You may have also done some research and found out that V2 is one of the leading companies, delivering quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids for an unmatched vaping experience. And now you’re probably looking for the best deal. If this is…Read More

  4. Harm Reduction Explained

    You may have heard the term “harm reduction” thrown around in the online vaping community. This is a phrase that has been regularly applied to the use of electronic cigarettes, but you might not be aware of what it means or why it is being applied. Here is a brief synopsis of the meaning behind harm reduction. Tobacco harm reduction, or THR, refers to the substitution of lower-risk nicotine pr…Read More

  5. Why Doesn’t E-Vapor Linger?

    Undoubtedly, one of the major advantages of switching from traditional smokes to electronic cigarettes is the absence of a lingering odor. One of the hallmarks of traditional combustion cigarettes is that there is an unmistakable smell that clings to a smoker’s hair, clothing, and surroundings. This unpleasant aroma can be offensive, not only to those who come into contact with a smoker, but eve…Read More

  6. Please Vape Responsibly

    With increased regulation of electronic cigarette use looming on the horizon, vapers need to be aware of ways in which they can help to shape public opinion on the practice of e-cig vaporizing. The politicians that introduce and support regulation do so at the behest of their constituents, i.e. people who vote and write to their elected officials. These people may be reacting to a negative encount…Read More

  7. Manage Your Vices

    Let’s face it: everybody has their vices. There are those who can’t make it to work without a cup of coffee or other caffeine-infused beverage. Others use alcohol to relax after their work day or as a way to “loosen up” socially. While the use of caffeine and alcohol can be problematic when used in excessive quantities, they have nevertheless gained wide social acceptance. Smokers, on the …Read More

  8. Methods of Nicotine Ingestion

    While both smokers and vapers use their lungs as a pathway for absorbing nicotine, the similarity between the two particular experiences ends there. The Cult of Genius presents this infographic to explain the major differences between ingesting nicotine via cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes. Be sure to also check out our great V2 e-cig coupon codes and register to win a free electronic cigarette kit fro…Read More

  9. The Importance of Selecting A High-Quality E-Cig

    A high-quality electronic cigarette can make all the difference when it comes to safely enjoying your vaping experience. V2 is one of the leading companies to offer high quality e-cigs that are made for the maximum enjoyment and safety of their users. Recent incidents of exploding e-cigarettes have been showing up in news stories across the country, with vapers being victims of intense heat, fire,…Read More

  10. Vapers Go Where Smokers Can’t

    A huge drawback of smoking cigarettes is the fact that you are severely limited in the places available for you to enjoy a nicotine fix. Public regulations are becoming more and more strict, allowing smoking in fewer and fewer establishments in cities across the country. Most states have guidelines for how far smokers must stand from a building. Beyond the legally-prescribed limitations placed on …Read More