1. V2 Speaks Out Against Exploding E-Cigs

    The recent increase in exploding battery units in some electronic cigarettes has gotten a lot of media attention, and many are wondering if they need to be worried about their own vaping products. To set the record straight, Dan Recio, co-founder of the V2 e-cig company, has spoken out about these incidents. It turns out that almost all occurrences of exploding e-cig batteries have stemmed from in…Read More

  2. Enjoy A Tar-Free Life When You Vape

    Mitch was never one to worry about the damage he was doing to his body by smoking cigarettes, but that all changed one summer. Mitch was a teacher, so he had some extra time in July. Partly out of boredom and partly to satisfy the desire for some extra spending cash, he decided to do some odd jobs at the bar across the street. It was there that he finally came to realize what smoking was doing to …Read More

  3. Save Big on E-Cigs at the Cult of Genius

    If you’ve landed on The Cult Of Genius, chances are you’ve made the decision to switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaporizing with e-cigs. You may have also done some research and found out that V2 is one of the leading companies, delivering quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids for an unmatched vaping experience. And now you’re probably looking for the best deal. If this is…Read More

  4. Switch to E-Cigs and Regain Your Senses

    There are many benefits enjoyed by people who quit smoking, and with the availability of quality electronic cigarettes from leading vape companies like V2, it’s never been easier to give up cigarettes for good. But just in case you’re still not convinced that quitting smoking will have a positive impact on your life, here’s one more reason: you’ll get your senses of taste and smell back. M…Read More

  5. Harm Reduction Explained

    You may have heard the term “harm reduction” thrown around in the online vaping community. This is a phrase that has been regularly applied to the use of electronic cigarettes, but you might not be aware of what it means or why it is being applied. Here is a brief synopsis of the meaning behind harm reduction. Tobacco harm reduction, or THR, refers to the substitution of lower-risk nicotine pr…Read More

  6. Why Doesn’t E-Vapor Linger?

    Undoubtedly, one of the major advantages of switching from traditional smokes to electronic cigarettes is the absence of a lingering odor. One of the hallmarks of traditional combustion cigarettes is that there is an unmistakable smell that clings to a smoker’s hair, clothing, and surroundings. This unpleasant aroma can be offensive, not only to those who come into contact with a smoker, but eve…Read More

  7. Styles Of Vaping

    E-cigarettes offer a wide variety of choices and customizability of components. You may not even be aware of all the options available to you when selecting an electronic cigarette kit that fits your vaping style. Check out this infographic to see which picks are the best fit for you, and be sure to browse our e-cig coupons to find a great deal on quality V2 electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, s…Read More

  8. Properly Storing Your E-Cigs & E-Cig Supplies

    If you're going to have multiple electronic cigarette devices for your convenience, it's important to know how to store your devices and supplies so that you can both stay organized and ensure that your supplies are stored properly. Like we mentioned in our last blog, while we're already a great source for e cig coupon codes and e cig reviews, we also want to be a source of education to our read…Read More

  9. Decrease Your Environmental Footprint With E-Cigs

    Today, as your source for e cig coupon codes, we want to help you discover how e-cigarettes help reduce your environmental footprint while also allowing you to continue enjoy smoking and getting the nicotine your body craves. After all, there is perhaps no topic of greater importance than the environment and the future of our children. Critics of e-cigs do not agree that this new product will hel…Read More