The recent increase in exploding battery units in some electronic cigarettes has gotten a lot of media attention, and many are wondering if they need to be worried about their own vaping products. To set the record straight, Dan Recio, co-founder of the V2 e-cig company, has spoken out about these incidents.

It turns out that almost all occurrences of exploding e-cig batteries have stemmed from inferior products and unsafe charging practices. Many types of “modded” electronic cigarettes using stacked lithium ion batteries lack many of the safeguards that companies like V2 have put in place. Some batteries can be overcharged through the use of an unrecommended charger. The overcharged battery may overheat during use, leading to an internal electrical fire that produces an accumulation of confined hydrogen gas. Extremely flammable gas confined within a small space is a recipe for disaster, as so many injured vapers can unfortunately verify.

V2 has addressed these potential problems right from the start, building in digital monitoring systems and automatic shut-off switches that prevent overcharging. Smart chargers specifically designed to couple with V2 electronic cigarettes are supplied with every model. Vapers are strongly urged to use only quality e-cigs from trusted companies like V2 with its supplied charger.

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