Mitch was never one to worry about the damage he was doing to his body by smoking cigarettes, but that all changed one summer. Mitch was a teacher, so he had some extra time in July. Partly out of boredom and partly to satisfy the desire for some extra spending cash, he decided to do some odd jobs at the bar across the street. It was there that he finally came to realize what smoking was doing to his lungs.

Embarking on the task of dusting the main room of the tavern, Mitch quickly discovered that everything was covered in a thin, sticky layer of …something. After taking more than the expected amount of time to clean the surfaces of the decorative bottles, pictures, and motorcycles on display, he happened to take a clean white rag to one of the wood-panelled walls. When he pulled the rag away, he discovered it was covered with that same sticky brown stuff. The spot on the wall that he had scrubbed now took on a brighter, more natural wood hue. There was nothing left to do but finish the job, scrubbing every exposed surface in the bar.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Mitch to realize that the sticky substance was tar, deposited by years of indoor smoking by hundreds of patrons. While cleaning the rest of the walls, Mitch had plenty of time to contemplate the tar that must surely be building up in his own home, not to mention his lungs. He quit smoking cigarettes that day.

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