Undoubtedly, one of the major advantages of switching from traditional smokes to electronic cigarettes is the absence of a lingering odor. One of the hallmarks of traditional combustion cigarettes is that there is an unmistakable smell that clings to a smoker’s hair, clothing, and surroundings. This unpleasant aroma can be offensive, not only to those who come into contact with a smoker, but even the smoker himself. Quality electronic cigarettes from brands like V2 have none of this lingering stench, but why?

For one thing, the process of vaporizing e-juice for inhalation is very different from the combustion of a cigarette. The burning of tobacco causes a chemical reaction that populates the surrounding air with millions of particles that can remain in the air for long periods of time. These particles are created from the combustion of literally hundreds of chemicals contained in a traditional cigarette. If they don’t remain suspended in the air, they tend to cling to any available surface – clothing, curtains, carpet, and furniture.

E-vapor, by contrast, is generated not by a chemical reaction, but merely a change in state from liquid to gas. There is no smoke produced, and the vapor that is produced quickly dissipates into the air, which absorbs its moisture content. Sure, there are still nicotine-infused particles floating around, but since e-juice contains only about four chemicals at most, there are far fewer particles generated by vaping. The result is cleaner air, clothing, and surroundings that bear no unpleasant lingering odor.

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