There are many benefits enjoyed by people who quit smoking, and with the availability of quality electronic cigarettes from leading vape companies like V2, it’s never been easier to give up cigarettes for good. But just in case you’re still not convinced that quitting smoking will have a positive impact on your life, here’s one more reason: you’ll get your senses of taste and smell back.

Many chronic smokers may not even realize the full impact their habit has on their taste buds. Studies have shown that the taste buds of smokers tend to be fewer and flatter than normal. In most cases, these alterations lead to a reduction in the sensitivity of the smoker’s palate. Smoking can also severely impact the sense of smell through the chronic inhalation of chemical-laden hot smoke. And since the two senses of taste and smell work in combination with each other, a reduction in the capacity of one of them leads to a similar effect in the other. Cigarette smoke attacks both senses, severely impairing the average smoker’s ability to enjoy scents and flavors.

Owing to its lower temperature and absence of so many harmful chemicals, e-vapor does not have this same effect on your taste buds and olfactory sensors. This means that once you quit cigarettes, you’ll be giving your body an opportunity to heal from years of damage, and you’ll start experiencing richer flavors and smells almost immediately. Being able to do this for the first time in a long time can literally be a breath of fresh air.

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